5 Activities to do out of the House Safely During Quarantine

Erin O’Connell suggests outdoor activities within social distancing guidelines.


Photo: Photoillustration by Madeline Sisk

  • Go on a bike ride

    • Around your neighborhood
    • Go on some trails in a nearby park






  • Take an Eno (hammock) to a park or your backyard

    • While reading a book
    • Watching a movie on your laptop
    • Doing arts and crafts




  • Start your own garden

    • Find a place in your neighborhood or backyard to plant flowers or vegetables
    • Make a sign marking it







  • Set up sidewalk chalk

    • Get a small container and put a few pieces of chalk in it
    • Leave it on the sidewalk in front of your house and write a message encouraging people to draw or write something
    • Start it with your own message or doodle


  • Go on a hike

    • Find a trail, path, or even sidewalk with interesting surroundings
    • Pack a bag with snacks and water
    • Invite your parents and/or siblings to join you