Express Connections

New Alliance of American Football team practices at St. Georges on Thurs.


Photo: Andre Lott

The Memphis Express practice at the St. George’s practice facilities. The Express needed a practice location with real grass.

With six weeks left in the Alliance of American Football’s inaugural season, the Memphis Express, after picking up their first win last week against the San Diego Fleet, practiced at the facilities of St. George’s this afternoon.

Athletic Director Mr. Tom Densford said that it was a quickly arranged practice.

“I think that having the connection with Latarius Brady and the coaching staff here helped organize that,” Mr. Densford said. “It’s great to have them on campus, see some guys out here and be able to provide that for the community.”

Latarius Brady is the former St. George’s defensive line coach and current Express defensive lineman. Brady was part of the coaching staff for the 2018 varsity football season.

Head Football Coach Mr. Andre Lott said that Express players were dissatisfied with the turf on their normal practice field.

“They contacted Coach Crouch last night,” Mr. Lott said. “They were looking for a grass field to practice on, because originally they practiced on turf every day, which puts some wear and tear on the knees. They needed a place to practice on some grass. Luckily they were able to come out and they were able to get their practice done today.”

Per sources, the Express started practicing on Ferguson Field, home of the Gridiron Gryphons. Mr. Densford had to direct Express Head Coach and NFL Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary to the practice fields located near the Houston Levee entrance, in order to maintain the field for the girls’ lacrosse game happening there Thursday evening.

“My main responsibility is watching after our kids and our program,” Mr. Densford said. “It’s great to have them out here, but we’ve got to make sure we put them in the right spot.”

When asked if the Express would be back anytime soon, both Mr. Densford and Mr. Lott were optimistic.

“I think there’s a good chance they’ll be back,” Mr. Densford said. “I haven’t heard when or what, but I’m sure they’ll ask again.”

“We hope so, any time you have a professional team, you hope to build a positive relationship with them,” Mr. Lott said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to have them back sometime.”