Climbing Into a New Club

St. George's welcomes a new club, The Rock Climbing Club!

George Brandon, class of 2021, climbs his way to the top.

In Dec. 2018, Memphis welcomed Tennessee’s largest climbing space: High Point Climbing and Fitness. This prompted interest in a group of teachers and eventually lead them to venture to High Point to try rock climbing. Three teachers liked it so much that they started a club where students can rock climb together.

In the past several weeks, Mr. Julien Vincent, Ms. Brittany Usiak and Mr. Smith Ferguson have collectively started the new Rock Climbing Club at St. George’s.

“We just started talking about how we should start a club, we should start a team,”  Director of Data Management Mr. Vincent said, “and that’s pretty much how it got started.”

The Rock Climbing Club meets at High Point Climbing and Fitness, the new gym in Memphis. Aside from rock climbing, High Point has many activities and facilities including bouldering, a weight gym, yoga classes, and more.

“This is not just for experienced rock climbers,”  Coordinator of Student Life in the middle school Mr. Ferguson said.

Many people have already signed up, including junior Miles Masters.

“It was something that interested me for a while before hand, and I had done it a little bit on the junior class’ trip to Bridges,” Masters said. “It was fun, and it’s not a very tasking sport, but still fun with the right place and friends.”

However, another member of the team, Freshman George Brandon, has previous experience in rock climbing.

“I’ve been rock climbing before,” Brandon said. “It’s really fun.”

Students wanting to join the team should make sure they have appropriate rock climbing shoes and a membership at the Interscholastic League for Rock Climbing at High Point. Mr. Vincent, Ms. Usiak and Mr. Ferguson are available to help students sign up for the club.

The membership to High Point also includes full access to the gym at any time, free yoga classes and everything else that comes with a normal gym membership.

The team’s flexible schedule is also attracting members.

“I’m going to try to offer maybe one or two days a week that we are going to have an invitation,” Mr. Vincent said. “Basically, we’ll try to be there as coaches.”  

Mr. Ferguson, Ms. Usiak and Mr. Vincent decided to start out with the high school first because of high schoolers’ ability to, for the most part, organize their own rides to High Point.

“It’s going to be more difficult with the middle schoolers. That’s why we are starting off to see how this is going to function,” Mr. Vincent said, “so they have to provide their own transportation.”

Although the Rock Climbing Club is new, it is starting out strong. They already have nine climbers signed up and they are still growing.

“If you’re interested and have never rock climbed before, come on out,” Mr. Ferguson said.