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McKenzie Knight

McKenzie Knight, Reporter

If you asked the average person what they spent their quarantine doing, they might answer that they picked up an instrument, maybe they started baking or exercising. However, if you ask Junior McKenzie Knight what she spent her quarantine doing, you’ll learn that she became a staff member of a Harry Potter-themed Minecraft server. When she’s not busy being a 64-bit Prefect, she loves to read by the sea at the beach house her parents rent in Florida. McKenzie says that her favorite memory from her time at St. George’s so far was the 8th grade trip to Six Flags, although she doesn’t like rollercoasters. McKenzie says she wants to be extremely successful, she just doesn’t quite know what at yet. Her outgoing personality and willingness to try anything will certainly help her achieve her goal of success, and will also make her a crucially important on the staff of the 2020-21 Lodge.

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Testing the Test

Testing the Test

April 13, 2021
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