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Lauren Shang

Lauren Shang, Reporter

Lauren Shang's sleep schedule might just be her only weakness. She is a frequent volunteer at many charities and enjoys shadowing medical professionals. In addition to this, Lauren is a skillful pianist, longboarder, and phenomenal journalist. Although she once hated journalism and dropped it freshman year, she eventually returned and grew to love it. She loved it so much that she actually became her last school’s Editor-in-Chief. When she made the switch to St. George’s this year, it was a no-brainer for her to continue newspaper and journalism in a new environment. Lauren enjoys an adrenaline rush while writing and likes the excitement of getting a story published under a deadline. When asked what celebrity she would be for a day, her answer was Kendall Jenner. Why? Because “she’s tall and I'm 4’11.”

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Eighth grade student Aiden Rubin de la Borbolla writes at his desk. Rubin de la Borbolla finds connectivity to be far better in-person.

Zooming Ahead

January 4, 2022
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