Comfortable clothing conforms to dress code


Photo: Tatum Nix

St. George’s jersey style shirts are in dress code. Mrs. Reilly said that these shirts can be used as pullovers over other clothing that is in dress code.

Tatum Nix, Writer

Recently, students have been seen wearing the jersey style St. George’s shirts from the spirit shop. After speaking with Mrs. Reilly, it has been confirmed that these shirts can be used as pullovers and are in dress code as long as the student is wearing clothing under the pullover that is also in dress code.

Mrs. Reilly even said, “I bought one of them for myself from the spirit shop.”

These pullovers come in different colors including: green, pink, and blue. They cost approximately $50 at the spirit shop next to the dining hall. These pullovers offer warmth and comfort in the cold classrooms and the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Plus, they are within the standards of the dress code.

In contrast to other private schools in the area, St. George’s students are not required to wear a uniform Monday through Thursday. This allows students to wear clothing that fits their style and clothes that provide more comfort such as these pullovers.