Dining Hall Expands Its Palate

FLIK Adds New Marketplace

The first time students entered the dining hall for the 2022-23 school year, they may have noticed the addition of the marketplace where the teacher’s lunch table was previously situated.
This new addition to the lunchroom came as a solution to two problems brought up over the summer: lengthy lunch lines and a food option for all students before, during and after school – even after the lunch period is over – regardless of the meal plan they are on.
When asked about whether there were any ideas that didn’t come to full fruition, Chief Financial Officer Beth Porter said, “I think one of the ideas was to do an all-inclusive plan that was required for everybody, and so this was us providing more opportunities and options for everybody.”
Head of School Timothy Gibson added to this, mentioning that “this was an opportunity for people whom the meal plan does make perfect sense…and people who wanted a different kind of flexibility,” with the end goal of every student having access to a range of food options no matter what meal plan they are on.
In addition to the benefits during lunchtime, the marketplace proved to be useful outside of lunch hours, which Mr. Gibson himself believed is “a great value add.”
“There are far more options for students to choose now at the end of the day, and especially for our middle school students going to sports who often need it the most,” he said.
Because of the marketplace’s expansive hours, being open before and after lunch serves as an upgrade from the old Spirit Shop for any students needing a quick bite in the morning before classes or in the afternoons before sports start.
Mr. Gibson and Ms. Porter were not the only ones who saw the benefits of the new marketplace. Even upper school math teacher and head varsity cheer coach, Mrs. Lott, praised this addition. “I think that it’s been nice to have more options.” Likewise, Junior Ava Burns liked the marketplace because of its efficiency and flexibility for all students.
“I think it’s a good option if you don’t want to do the meal plan because it’s easy and fast.”