PSAT too easy?

Students react to annual PSAT testing


Photo: Annie Vento

Ninth to eleventh grade students took the PSAT test Wednesday morning. The test consists of five sections: two mathematics, two critical reading, and one writing skills.

Katie Boyle, Staff Writer

Ninth, tenth, and eleventh grades entered the PSAT with confidence this past Wednesday, especially the juniors. They were able to take the test twice previously and had the opportunity to learn more on the subjects tested on the PSAT which gave them such confidence.

“It was difficult, but at the same time, now that I’m older I know a lot more, so the math section specifically was a whole lot easier,” said sophomore Caroline Blossom.

In addition to completing another grade, students were given the opportunity to practice their skills even more when the school offered a PSAT review class to give students the chance to practice their test taking skills. Students can sign up to and commit to six classes with one per week leading up to the scheduled test date.

“I felt like it was easier because I knew what was going on and the steps to take,” said junior Susannah Smith. She was one of many students to attend the PSAT review classes.

The test consists of five sections: two on mathematics, two on critical reading skills, and one on writing skills. English and mathematics teachers, such as Mrs. Jennifer Vasil and Mrs. Kimberely Callaway take advantage of this knowledge and sometimes give their students PSAT practice questions throughout the school year.

“Juniors who do very well on the PSAT can be recognized by the National Merit organization,” said Mr. Timothy Gibson, Director of College Guidance and Student Life. Juniors who take the PSAT are eligible for various scholarships from the organization.