What you need to know about the Coronavirus (4/7)




  • Tennessee has become one of the most tested states in the nation according to the Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner, Dr. Lisa Piercey
  • The number of cases, while still increasing, is increasing at a decreasing rate, meaning that the number of confirmed cases is expected to peak soon
    • Some estimates put the peak at around April 19th; however, other estimates put the peak occurring as late as May
  • Mayor Strickland extended the Safer-at-Home Order until April 21
    • It was set to expire April 7th
  • Piercey stated that within 24 hours, the death toll in the state of TN has gone from 44 deaths to 65
    • While Shelby County has only reported 13 deaths as of writing, estimates say that between 250 – 20,000 deaths are possible, depending on healthcare preparedness, social distancing practices, and other such environmental factors