Editorial: Seize the Disruption

There’s been a lot of change recently, from the administration within our own school to the rapidly changing world, and with this change comes disruption. But sometimes, disruption is necessary.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the cacophony this change brings about, but during this time we must remember to keep our heads up in spite of the noise.

On a larger scale, we are feeling the effects of the potential change taking place in our nation’s capital. Impeachment trials loom and have become impossible to ignore. Regardless of your political beliefs, seeing this affirms that it’s possible to question authority and pre-existing systems, leaving an atmosphere of instability but also endless possibilities.

The St. George’s community has also undergone significant change over the past few months, most visibly within our administration.

We have a new Interim Head of School, and we have our first-ever Interim Director of the Collierville Campus.

But changes go beyond administration. We also have a new part-time college guidance counselor. We have a new exam schedule. We have new options for SIS. We’ve had a significant amount of teachers come and go. We’ve lost our recycling program. We’re gaining a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Student Task Force as well as a Student Health & Wellness Task Force. The list goes on.

Some of these changes were initiated by students. Some occurred without any student input, but regardless we, the student body, feel the effects.

Each of these changes results in disruption. But disruption isn’t inherently negative. Innovation can’t happen without the old system being disrupted.

We’ve seen that here at St. George’s, and we at the Lodge see this disruption as an opportunity.

The St. George’s student body holds many diverse beliefs, which can at times be polarizing, but overall, our differences make us stronger. We challenge each other, and as a result we’ve made some noise. Student voices are being heard and occasionally responded to this year. We need to take this time of disruption to assess what we would like to keep and how we would like to improve.

We think the best way forward is to capitalize on what we all have in common: we’re all a part of Generation Z. Gen Z has grown up in a time where it is much more acceptable to voice discontent about situations than past generations. We’ve grown up in the time of lockdown drills and climate crisis and polarizing politics. But we’ve also grown up in the time of technology that allows us to connect with people across the globe, when anyone can be an activist and when real change is possible.

So let’s go forward with conviction and hope. If we’re angry, let’s use that passion for good. If we’re anxious, let’s channel that towards creating solutions. If we’re feeling like it’s all too much, let’s lean on each other.

Seize the disruption. Join the recycling club. Support the new diversity task force. Run for student government. Register to vote. Pay attention to the news. Make your voice heard. We live in a changing world, but we can be part of that change.