Google Translate and other sites recently blocked


Photo: Emily Persons

Google Translate is now blocked on the St. George’s campus. Some students disagree with the decision and some think it is a change for the better.

Recently Google Translate has been added to the blocked websites and prohibited for students on campus to use. Students reacted very differently to this change.

Most students said that Google Translate is not the best resource and not always correct, so they are not affected by this change. “Teachers do not recommend it because it is not always accurate,” said sophomore Erica Alexander.

Others thought it was useful at times. “I found it helpful when I went to look a word up real quick,” said Paige Marotta, another sophomore.

“I think that it doesn’t need to be blocked because students should be able to make that decision for themselves,” said freshman Bart Mueller. “If they get it wrong, it’s their own fault for using Google Translate.”

Peter Climie, Program Manager in the technology lab, said that ultimately the decision was up to the language department.

“There was reason to block it,” said Climie.

Climie also said that most blocked websites are determined by their bandwidth, and if they are in or around the top twenty, then it is decided if the website is used for academic purposes or otherwise.