The Lodge

Mission Statement

The Lodge is dedicated to serving as an authentic voice for the students of St. George’s Independent School. We at the Lodge strive to be an open forum for student expression, to act in the best interests of the student body and to embody the principles of journalistic excellence.

The Lodge is affiliated with the Tennessee High School Press Association and the National Scholastic Press Association.

The Lodge is funded by St. George’s Independent School and advertisers and is published once every six weeks during the school year by The Lodge prints and distributes 300 copies of each issue by hand to 600 students and faculty on the St. George’s upper school campus.

Bylines indicate the primary writer(s) of each article. Additional contributors are indicated in the shirttail.

All corrections and retractions appear in a box in the news section.

The Lodge provides free advertising for student clubs, events, and activities. The Lodge welcomes letters to the editor and article submissions. To submit a letter, article or request advertising, email our staff at [email protected]