Evan’s Guide to All Things NFL – Recapping Week 1

Week 1 has come and gone, and with it plenty of surprises and exciting moments. We now have a better idea of which teams will be at the top of these rankings on a regular basis, and which teams will find themselves slipping. Here, you’ll find my top ten teams each with a blurb to themselves, as well as a brief blurb for teams 11-32. You can also check out the final three boxes in the grid for fantasy football advice.

#1: Minnesota Vikings
#2: New England Patriots
#3: Los Angeles Rams
#4: Green Bay Packers
#5: Kansas City Chiefs
#6: Baltimore Ravens
#7: Jacksonville Jaguars
#8: Philadelphia Eagles
#9: Carolina Panthers
#10: New York Jets
5 QBs to Add in Fantasy for Week 2
5 FLEX Players to Add in Fantasy for Week 2
5 Defenses to Stream in Fantasy for Week 2 (all of these are owned in 50% or less of Yahoo! leagues)

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