The student voice of St. George's Independent School.

Photo: Shaun Burgess

Senior Kelan Parsons trims his newly made pot. The pottery class has eight wheels and other clay-working stations.


The pottery class is throwing. Literally throwing their clay on a wheel to then mold it and shape it to form something creative with the clay. Senior Kelan Parsons says that he is making a new shape that he has changed and gotten creative with. “I, at first, messed up the top, but then I turned it into a spout,” Parsons said, “and so now I’m going to put a handle on it and turn it into a pot with a spout.” Parsons says that he enjoys most being able to share and use his creativity in that pottery class. “I just enjoy the throwing part,” Parsons said, “because you get to mold it and let your hands be free, let the clay do what the clay does.”

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