The Lodge

Kayla Hayes
Kayla Hayes is passionate about having fun and living her life in happiness! Always up for a challenge, Kayla is excited to be a first-time staff member of the Lodge during her senior year at SGIS. Whether she’s with her friends or on her own, Kayla enjoys late nights at the drive-in and calm afternoons in her room relaxing with a candle, and her four cats. Recently Kayla has been learning how to cook alongside her mom and looks forward to creating fun new dishes including pasta and desserts. As a roller skate fanatic, you can find her anywhere from the rink to her neighborhood or even the park! She dreams of heading to DC for college next year, and knowing her, she’ll make it! Outside of school, Kayla enjoys exploring the world of fashion and testing the teaching waters with her SGIS aftercare job where she works with preschoolers.

Kayla Hayes, Reporter

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