The Lodge

A’ishah Pickens
If you looked up what a sleuth was in the dictionary, you would probably find a picture of A’ishah Pickens next to it. Give her a lead on a story to research and you will be amazed to see what she comes up with! When she’s not busy solving the world’s great mysteries and uncovering the deep secrets of the world, A'ishah’s ideal day would probably include watching some youtube and playing her favorite video games with a pizza at her side. However, if A'ishah could travel anywhere in the world, her dream vacation would be to venture off the coast of the South Pacific to the sunny tropical beaches of Bora Bora to relax and soak in the sun. For A’ishah’s first year at The Lodge, she is ready to make use of her incredible photography and research skills to keep you in the know!

A'ishah Pickens, Reporter

Dec 03, 2020
Camera Shy (Story)
Oct 06, 2020
Throwbacks (Story)