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Owen Hewitt

Owen Hewitt, Editor-In-Chief

For those who haven’t had the chance to meet Owen Hewitt, think of a kind of person who is proactive in promoting equality while also undertaking the incredible task of being the editor-in-chief of the Lodge here at St. George’s. Owen’s the type of guy to find interest in every aspect of life. Some of these things include sports, coming up with interesting creatures such as one that’s 20 feet wide, but one foot tall, and also, communicating with an NBA player over Twitter. Owen’s creativity shines through in everything he does, which is sure to help him in his college journey, as this is his senior year. The rush of adrenaline that he gets in the middle of writing a story and the satisfaction of finally getting in the flow of putting together a piece is what he feels to be the most productive part of being on the Lodge.

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The Varsity Women's Lacrosse team and their two co-coaches, Ms. Emily Metz and Ms. Claire Zagrodzky, pose for a picture on Senior Night for Women's Lacrosse.

Sticks and Stones

April 20, 2021
Top of 2020 Taster

Top of 2020 Taster

February 5, 2021
Students are expected to be camera ready, but is this standard fair to all?

[PHOTO] Camera Shy

December 3, 2020
(Photo on File) Maddie Bishop leads the attack in a regional game against Harding last October.

Standing Room Only

September 1, 2020
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