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Abby Grace Dodson

Abby Grace Dodson, Reporter

Abby Grace Dodson is an extravagant go-getter and an adventurous girl who loves spreading happiness to everyone she meets. Her dream pet is an elephant where she could show off her riding skills, while also flaunting her flashy prize. Speaking of flashy things! You can find Abby Grace at her happiest when she is traveling "literally anywhere." She dreams of living in Portofino, Italy where she would create her own sunglasses store, while also being an influencer on social media to help others create and design. The craziest thing that has ever happened to Abby Grace was when she had a callback from the set to be on Modern Family that auditioned in LA. Abby Grace is enthused about being on The Lodge for her Senior year, and cannot wait to contribute her voice to the voiceless through design and writing.

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Senior Wills

Senior Wills

April 16, 2021
Mrs. Webb helps junior Joe Walters throw on the wheel. Mrs. Webb has faced many challenges this year with Pottery online. This class has become available to only in-person students now.

Two Places at Once

February 5, 2021
Shops is a new Instagram update available now. This drastically changed its layout leading to a mixed response.

Stop, Shop and Scroll

November 12, 2020
Mr. Hills stands with members of the Institute for Citizenship in front of Dr. W.H. Brewster Elementary School, which was the site of a service project last year. Mr. Hills had to rely on the members to find the focus of their service this year. Photo courtesy of Joy Huff.

Leading into the Unknown

September 29, 2020
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