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Iona Yates
Since Halle Berry frequently stars as unique, mysterious women in movies, it’s no surprise she would play Iona Yates in the movie of her life. Obvious upon first introduction, Iona is not your typical high school girl. Given the chance to travel anywhere in the world, she would want to visit Pompeii. Similar to Iona’s personality, Pompeii was known for its grace, intelligence, and mystery. If she could relive any historic event in history, it would be the unveiling of the finished Great Pyramid of Giza. Though she is fascinated with ancient civilizations, she is happy to be living in this time period. If she could change something about the current world, it would be to erase the banana from existence. Iona loathes both the weirdly shaped, yellow fruit and growing up, which is her worse fear. Iona’s spirit animal would be the platypus, since “no one ever talks about them” and they are “mysterious,” just like her. Let’s hope that every newspaper article is as interesting as Iona herself.

Iona Yates, Entertainment Editor

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