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Your vote, your future

Your vote, your future

Gryphon Gazette Staff February 16, 2016

An average of 60 percent of eligible voters make use of their right to vote for presidential elections, meaning nearly half of those who can vote don't. Quite frankly, this is unacceptable. In a democratic...

Sophomore Annie Murff displays her self-confidence by drawing a heart on the mirror in the bathroom. Murff plans to spend her valentines day with her friends and family.

Roses are red, violets are blue

Annie Murff, Copy Editor/Layout Editor February 11, 2016

Some people seem to get really worked up by Valentine’s Day. It’s a day full of candy and teddy bears and love, but nonetheless, there are still those who find a reason to be angry about it. Valentine’s...

The junior girls sit for one last group picture before the presentation at Cotillion. The 2016 Wolf River Cotillion took place on Saturday, Jan. 23.

Welcome to society, ladies!

Elise Fong, Opinion Editor January 28, 2016

This past Saturday, Jan. 23, 25 junior girls were introduced into society at the 2016 Wolf River Cotillion. Along with the junior girls, sophomore girls with mothers on the board and senior girls who were...

You will get through it

You will get through it

Kendall LoCascio, Features Editor/Copy Editor January 14, 2016

“I am so stressed out!” How many times do we hear this phrase daily? There are many factors that induce stress, and we need to change our perspectives on our situations, especially during this...

Carson Elizabeth Head strikes a silly pose during a walk in the woods. Through fundraisers led by the St. Jude’s club and St. George’s, over $160,000 has been raised for St. Jude’s in remembrance of Head.

Fight like a kid

December 22, 2015

Every morning since March, many St. George’s students have woken up, gotten out of bed and looked down at the Team Carson bracelet on their wrists. This bracelet serves as a reminder of Carson...

A Flik chef prepares pasta, a fan-favorite of St. George’s students, for an upper school lunch. Flik joined the St. George’s community in 2014, and since then, there have been long lines and a shortage of food at upper school lunches.

Give me pretzels or give me death

Laura McDowell , Copy Editor December 17, 2015

Let’s talk about raisins. Some people consider raisins to be nature’s candy, but these people are wrong because raisins are not candy and therefore do not belong in brownies. Flik sometimes thinks...

Life’s what you make it

The Gryphon Gazette Staff November 17, 2015

High school is a place where you can figure out who you are and develop talents outside of the classroom without the fear of judgment. Whether you are participating on a sports team, in a school play,...

Brown walks towards the St. Georges campus exit. Brown has had three college guidance meetings already.

Nine schools. Five states. Six days.

Miriam Brown, Editor-in-Chief November 10, 2015

"I have no idea." That was my consistent response when asked which colleges I was considering, and it was true. I had not thought about my future schooling at all because I was "trying to get through...

Democrats Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Martin OMalley battle it out in the first democratic debate. The debate was held on Oct. 13 on CNN.

Democrats battle it out in first debate

Duncan Daniel, Contributing Writer October 28, 2015

Although the democratic debate was not nearly as entertaining as its republican counterpart, both shared a similar trait of hailing a woman as the winner. On Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2015, Hillary Clinton, Bernie...

Ninth graders read “The Catcher and the Rye” in Mr. Zack Adcock’s third-period English class. As one of their many new classes, students have lots to look forward to in the coming year.

The ninth-grade experience

Annie Murff, Copy Editor September 25, 2015

When someone mentions freshman year, plenty of memories rush to the mind, whether they are good or bad. In order to get some insight on those feelings and memories, the Gryphon Gazette asked a few students...

Annie Murff gets organized at school. Annie used the tips and tricks from the Gryphon Gazette to get organized.

Let’s get organized

Caroline Zummach, Staff Writer September 25, 2015

From the minute you wake up your morning is hectic, with homework sprawled all over the house. At school it’s time to get your homework out, and you can’t remember where in the world you put it, so...

A seniors guide to high school

A senior’s guide to high school

Elise Fong, Opinion Editor September 2, 2015

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