The Lodge

New faculty arrive in a time of change

New teacher, Mr. Roszel, teaching his English I class. Mr. Roszel came to St. George's this school year, along with twenty-two other new teachers and faculty.

Taylor Owens, Editor-in-chief

September 3, 2014

Twenty-two teachers, staff, and faculty new to the school arrived at the St. George's Collierville campus during a time of changes to the school system. Recently, St. George's has moved to Flik Independent School Dining and Veracross School Information Software, as well as introduced new furnishings...

Citizenship Institute adds second class of juniors to expand program

All thirty-four Citizenship students sit in the pews of the Agape chapel. The chapel was one of the few places in which all students could be gathered at one time.

Juliana Wall, Writer

August 27, 2014

The class of 2016 is the first junior class of St. George’s Independent School to have two sections of Citizenship in hopes of broadening the reach of the values and goals of the Institute. Currently, there are thirty-four students enrolled in the junior class of the Citizenship Institute, which...

Textbooks go online

Textbooks at St. George’s are going online. Now a majority of our resources are compiled onto a computer.

Heather Stevenson, Writer

August 27, 2014

The start of the 2014-2015 school year for many students has meant the purchase of access codes rather than textbooks. The math, history, and biology departments have made the switch to have the course textbook accessible from a computer. School President Bill Taylor said that the decision is going...

St. George’s implements new fire drill procedures

Students line up according to grade level. This was the first fire drill practicing new fire drill procedures.

Courtney Harshbarger and Nathan Weinreich

August 26, 2014

On Tuesday, St. George’s practiced the first of many fire drills using a new procedure in hopes of speeding up the fire drill process. Advisory groups paired and formed two long lines of students. Each grade was organized in their own line stretching from the sidewalk to the middle of the field....

Tension between Israel and Palestine rises

Israel and Palestine are fighting for the rights to ownership over the Gaza Strip. This part of the conflict was dated back to 1922.

Kai Taylor, Writer

August 25, 2014

With multiple bombings in Gaza and the frequent occurrence of planes being shot down, reconciliation between Israel and Palestine is not up for discussion anytime soon. Although the conflict is taking place in the Middle East, local senators have been receiving calls from concerned citizens vouching...