The Drama Club brings spook to the Memphis Campus

Bring your most terrifying costume to the trunk-or-treat, if you dare


Photo: Cary Robbins

In this posed photo, the Drama Club is having a meeting about the trunk-or-treat they are planning to do for the Memphis Campus on Halloween. They were working hard to come up with fun activities for the party.

Imagine trick-or-treating, but instead of getting candy from houses, you get it from the trunks of cars. Oh, and you get to play games too.

On Oct. 31 from 3:45 – 4:45, Director of Theatre Arts Mrs. Dean is hosting a trunk-or-treat party at the Memphis Campus with the help of the Drama Club. A kindergarten class at the Memphis Campus did not have a room mom to organize a Halloween party, so the Drama Club decided to throw a party for the kids instead. The party will feature crazy costumes, seemingly endless amounts of candy and prize-winning games.

“In between each car, we’ll have a game like a duck pond or a fishing thing with a little clip on the end where you get the little prize or a bean bag toss,” Mrs. Dean said. “They’ll play a game and then they’ll go to a car and get some candy. They’ll get prizes at all the games, so they’ll have candy in the trunk and prizes at the games.”

Twelfth grader Emma Pounders said that the Drama Club has been brainstorming different ways to help the community for a while now, so they jumped at the opportunity to do this for the kids.

“Trunk-or-treat is a pretty popular thing that a lot of churches do and it’s not super hard to put together,” Pounders said. “It’s something that would be fun for the kids at the Memphis campus.”

Tenth grader Snowden Farnsworth agrees with Pounders that this was a perfect project for the Drama Club to help with since they are able to dress up and act like different characters for the party.

“We get to dress up and go help the Memphis campus kids and give them a good time,” Farnsworth said.

Pounders is excited to do this for the kids at the Memphis campus so that they will be able to have a Halloween party, but mostly, she is looking forward to dressing up in her Halloween costume.

“I’m excited to dress up. We’re all going to be in costume, even the people who are running it,” Pounders said. “It’s on Halloween, so people are going to come in whatever their Halloween costume is. It’s going to be really cute.”

Farnsworth is also excited about dressing up for the trunk-or-treat because Halloween is her favorite holiday, as well as her birthday.

“The best part I think will be hanging out with the kids and getting to see them all excited about the candy and us being in costume and being with my friends in Drama Club,” Farnsworth said. “And passing out the candy to the kids. I love Halloween a lot.”