Senior Wills ’22

Morgan Schrum wills being the most school spirited to Abigail Finch and the black Lululemon tank top with the weird Lulu shorts to Mary Alice Murphy.
Nicolas Gutierrez wills his world-class goalkeeping skills to Jordan Giles and the title of “best Gutierrez at St. George’s” to Sebastian Gutierrez.
Mae Wilson wills her top-secret candy stash at Mrs. Simmons’s desk and her perfected skill of annoying Mrs. Metz daily to Bennett Wilson.
Emma Clayton wills the SGIS Cross Country Instagram account to next year’s girls team captains Megan Yost and Lauren Rutlin.
Thomas Miller wills Griffin Davis to be the next varsity lacrosse goalie so he can stuff Huffman’s crease cranks.
DeAndre Deener wills his discipline to not noodle during Mr. Link’s instruction to all AME underclassmen.
Eleanor Kuykendall wills the role of ‘team chaplain’ on the varsity soccer team to Mary Alice Murphy.
Will Franklin wills being the best golf/baseball dual-sport athlete in the school to Noah Land.
Ethan Bearman wills being the coolest Bearman at St. George’s to Emma Joy Bearman.
Scottie Brown wills the yearbook TikTok to Mariah Nellessen and Elizabeth Kilmurray.
Maya Ibrahim wills being the shortest person on the volleyball team to Kiki Finneran.
Joe Walters wills his love of Ole Miss football to Jordan Thomas and Gavin Allen.
Caroline Higley wills her full-time residency in the art room to Kate Winstead.
Ella Grace Cornpropst wills her parents and dogs to Delaney O’Connell.
Joseph Nabors wills driving people home from soccer to Mark Ibrahim.
Isabela Jimenez wills being Mrs. Metz’s favorite to David Jimenez.
McKinley Farese wills her car-parking skills to Elizabeth Kilmurray.
Maddox Davis wills being Mr. Cao’s favorite Davis to Griffin Davis.
William Finneran wills being the better Finneran to Kiki Finneran.
Tyler Rideout wills the underclassmen the snacks in the lounge.
Ashton Slemons wills her senior night tiara to Jayley Yelverton.
George Brandon wills the Ultimate Frisbee Club to Seth Taub.
Kyle Houston wills his basketball skills to Joshua Holloway.
Hampton Bryan wills his soccer skills to Michael Davidson.
Hudson Williams wills “beep bop boop” to Huffman Smith.
Joshua Panetta wills his amazingness to Jordan Giles.
Harden Williams wills his soccer skills to Mark Ibrahim.
Luke Washington wills being RB1 to Drake Gonzalez.
Will Crosby wills his disco stick skills to Noah Land.
Chloe Lewis wills the weight room to Dalton Lewis.
Lincoln Johnson wills Dalton Lewis the frying pan.
Mac Murphy wills Huffman Smith the right wing.
Ben Roan wills catching to Keifer Cox.
Lucas Giolo wills SUI to Diego Guerra.
Ally Martin wills Mary Alice the Mindfulness Club.
Isaiah Lewis wills his tennis skill to Jack Whitaker.
Charlie Horne wills the bullfrog to Brandon Hayden.
Jack Seigerman wills Seth Taub his average height.
Kanon Winfield wills his parking spot to Erin Johnson.
Grace Anne Barton wills her left kidney to Gavin Allen.
Wilson Whittemore wills the #3 to Andrew Whittemore.
John Miraglia wills his lacrosse stick to his favorite brother.
Craig Allen wills the best tilt on the team to Justin Bourdeau.
Dade Micheel wills his soccer drip and “42” to Logan Haddad.
Lauren Shang wills her love of Disney movies to Erin Johnson.
Madeline Sisk wills running the Lodge to Anna Schmiedicke.
Travis Lane wills the role of robotics team captain to Austin Lane.
Alanna Murphy wills Molly Gorham love of undercuts and softball.
McKenzie Knight wills the secret lemonade recipe to Rylee Knight.
Mehul Gupta wills his one good ACL to all upcoming soccer players.
Bess White wills being the coolest White in the school to Lauren White.
Luke Robbins wills the best car in the school parking lot to Hudson Downs.
James Reid Hamblen wills being the best James in the school to James Christie.
Ellie Christie wills the phantom of her charming presence to next year’s Lodge staff.
Thomas Schmiedicke wills being the best Schmiedicke on campus to Anna and Sarah.
Iris Delahoussaye wills the last shreds of her sanity to the next set of football managers.
Gianna Scola wills parking next to and talking to Mr. Gibson in the morning to Deja Harris.
Alyssa Aghabeg wills her setter skills and favorite Wacky Wednesday t-shirt to Reese Regner.
Jordan Firtik wills “this is true” back to Mary Caroline Collier. And all the sopapillas in Chattanooga.
Darby Beal wills her superstition of holding hands in “circle” before showtime to Madline Clarke and Wilson Young.
Parker Nannie wills #11 to Jordan Thomas and being the favorite Nannie at the Collierville campus to Caroline Nannie.